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101 Death index - couldn't find a good match
Truran, Elizabeth Jane (I36)
102 Death Index - no George Henry's at all from Truro. Williams, George Henry (I35)
103 Death Index Possibility:

Name: Mary Louisa Williams
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1866
Year of Registration: 1894
Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
Age at Death: 28
District: Redruth (To 1974)
County: Cornwall
Volume: 5c
Page: 177 (click to see others on page)

Williams, Mary Louisa (I120)
104 Death recorded in Marquette County Courthouse - Vol. 2, pg. 327.
I searched the 1851 Census and there was no Isabella Hebbard. 
Hebbard, Isabella (I236)
105 death register for Redruth, Vol. 5c, pg. 204 Mar 1872, age 39
Burial found in Phillack parish register: 
Skinner, Catherine (I434)
106 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Williams, Gerald Henry (I624)
107 Documents at County Record Office, Truro, DDP 27/1/10 Searched by Janice R. Johanson Family F73
108 Don't know if this is the right one - it's just a guess Family F397
109 Don't know where this name came from. Rowe, William J (I305)
110 - Michigan Marriages age 23 at time of marriage Drake, Samuel H. (I482)
111 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Cole, Annabel Delores (I733)
112 Florida Death Index:
Name: Henry A Waters
Death Date: 19 Apr 1975
County of Death: Palm Beach
State of Death: Florida
Age at Death: 87
Race: White
Birth Date: 18 Nov 1887 
Waters, Henry Arthur (I77)
113 formation about record 1153174 in the Baptisms databaseDay Month17-Sep
Parish Or Reg DistrictErth, St.
Father ForenameSamuel
Mother ForenameMary
ResidenceSt. Erth
Father Rank Professionlabourer
Transcriber Notes
TranscriberDarcel Kornichuk
Copied from the OPC 
Skinner, Samuel (I668)
114 Found his family in the 1900 Census with John Henry Williams living with them. Also found them in the 1910 Census, but John Williams was not with them.
He's 44 years old in the 1910 census which would make him born in 1856 - which is very different than the 1869 date we have for Josiah. 
Hebbard, Josiah Richards (I239)
115 freeBMD index Quarter: Dec 1878, District: Redruth, Vol 5c, Pg. 395 Family F206
116 George Hebbard present at marriage. Family F49
117 Grant Co. Wis. Register of Deeds - Lancaster, Wis. Waters, Frank William (I328)
118 Handwritten note I found said they were divorced. Family F400
119 Harriet was 70 years old and a widow in the 1871 Census. Shepherd, Harriet (I176)
120 he and his wife have 3 children Boleau, Reuben Roy (I644)
121 He was a viola and bass player for the Queen Stoneman, Nicholas Houghton (I37)
122 Head of household in 1851 census of St. Erth, age 24. Occupation miner. Village: Retrele? b. in St. Hillary
1861 Census of St. Erth - head of household, age 33. Occupation tin miner. Residence: Trelean
Has a wife, Mary. No children. Has sister Mary and brother Henry living with them.
1871 Census there is a Samuel b. in St. Erth and Elizabeth J. with a sister Mary the right age. don't know if it's the right family. 
Williams, Samuel (I495)
123 His wife is a widow in 1861.
1841 Census of Illogan he is 40 years old. Address: Carnkye 
Richards, Thomas (I247)
124 His wife, Mary, is a widow in the 1871 Census. Hendra, Thomas (I317)
125 History of John Henry Williams as told by his son, Jack David Williams July 9, 1978
John Henry Williams was born in England. His mother died giving birth to him. His father was killed a month later in the mine. He came to the United States when he was 5 years old with a family named Hebbard. They didn't want him to come, but one of the daughters said she wouldn't go unless they brought the baby. His life was difficult from then on. The family moved to Calumet, Michigan. John Henry got the last of the food, clothes, etc. Mr. Hebbard beat him often as he was drunk most of the time. When John Henry was 17 years old, he hit him back, putting him under the table. John Henry packed his things and left. As far as we know, he worked as a sharpshooter during the strike in Calumet.
He worked in Detroit for a while - he was a friend of Henry Ford, who referred to him as a "squirrel" because John Henry would climb up places nobody else would.  
Williams, John Henry (I12)
126 History of Richard Hendra and Mary Rowe AND Richard Williams and Emily Jane Thomas
as told by Bernice H. Williams 7 May 1978
Richard Williams and Emily Jane Thomas were married in England. They had one son, Harold before Richard came to America. Six years later, Emily followed with Harold. They lived at 634 N. 5th Street, Ishpeming, Michigan. They had 6 more children before Richard died.
Richard Hendra was a boarder at the Williams home. Mary Rowe was the maid. They married and had 2 children, Arthur and Myrtle. Mary got homesick, so Richard brought her back to England along with the 2 children. She died while there. Richard returned with the 2 children.
Then Richard Hendra married Emily Jane Thomas Williams. They had a stillborn boy and Roy Irving Hendra.
The home at 634 N. 5th Street stayed in the family until the summer of 1973 when its only occupant, Stanley Williams died. It was then sold to a family by the name of Niemi. 
Williams, Richard (I366)
127 Source (S143)
128 I don't know where I got the 3 children listed here. Truran, Mathew (I178)
129 I don't know where the wife's name Jane Glasson came from. I'm guessing I thought his wife's name was Jane from the 1851 Census when really the Jane listed is his sister. And then I probably found the marriage listing for John Williams and a Jane Glasson and thought that was it. Now I think it could be that his wife's name is Susan because of what I found in the 1861 Census.

This is the marriage for John and Susan from the parish register - the same John and Susan I found in the 1861 Census. Her maiden name is Hebbard, which is the maiden name of John's brother Thomas' wife, Charlotte. Which means brothers married sisters. AND the witness at this wedding is George Martin, who is the brother-in-law of Susan and Charlotte Hebbard.
Parish or Registration District:
Groom's age:
Groom's condition:
Groom's rank/profession:
Groom's residence:
Father's rank/profession:
Bride's age:
Bride's condition:
Bride's rank/profession:
Bride's residence:
Father's rank/profession:

Banns(B) or Licence(L):
Groom Signed(S) or Marked(M):
Bride Signed(S) or Marked(M):
Witness 1:
Witness 2:
Erth, St.
28-Jul 1855
St Erth
Susan Ann HEBARD

St Erth
John Gibbs
George Martin
Register notes:
Transcriber Notes:
Transcriber: Darcel Kornichuk 
Williams, John (I413)
130 I don't think this John is in this family. Hendra, John (I453)
131 I don't think this Samuel is in this family. Hendra, Samuel (I428)
132 I found a burial for an Anthony Pearce in St. Kevern in the parish register on 24 Dec 1846 age 78 abode is Trenithon Waste. There is also an Anthony Pearce age 18 that passed away the same day. Pearce, Anthony (I450)
133 I found a possible match in the 1870 Census in Negaunee, Michigan married to a Francis Blackwell with a son William and daughters Bessie and Jane and Anna. That info does not match the information I received from Midge Waters. There is also a Betsey Ann in the marriage index with a Francis Blackwell, so maybe Midge had it wrong - or there could be 2 Betsey Waters'.
1870 Census:
Name: Betty A Blackwell
Birth Year: abt 1841
Age in 1870: 29
Birthplace: England
Home in 1870: Negaunee, Marquette, Michigan
Race: White
Gender: Female
Value of real estate: View image
Post Office: Negaunee
Household Members: Name Age
Francis Blackwell 29
Betty A Blackwell 29
William H Blackwell 10
Jane Blackwell 7
Bessie Blackwell 2
Anna Blackwell 9/12


View original image
Waters, Betsey Ann (I142)
134 I found William as a husband on

I got to the Western States Marriage Index through BYU Idaho, Special Collections and Family History. 
Family F118
135 I got her name from a family tree on Moyle, Laura Jane (I419)
136 I got his name from the Marriage Parish Register for his daughter, Mary Catherine. Collins, Richard (I93)
137 I got his name from the parish register of his daughter Ellen's marriage. Goggen, James (I337)
138 I got the birth date from the death index. Carlyon, William N. (I1069)
139 I got the birth date from the SS Death Index Roadt, Frederick E. (I1095)
140 I got the birth date from the SS Death Index. Stoneman, Beatrice Frances (I421)
141 I got the place of birth from the 1930 Census Aiken, Laura Caroline (I750)
142 I looked (May 2009) for her grave at the Ishpeming Cemetery and it was not in the location that the cemetery record office said it was. They looked up in the original record and found someone had crossed out her name and said, "not here."
I believe she is buried there, but the records are incorrect and so we couldn't find it.
We looked again in July 2013 and found her buried in the same plot with her father, Richard Hendra 
Hendra, Myrtle (I13)
143 I searched Phillack parish marriages 1830-1859 for John and Emily's marriage, but it was not there.

I searched St. Erth parish marriages 1826-1855 for John and Emily's marriage, but it was not there.

Marriage date from
Sealing dater from 
Family F134
144 I searched the 1851 Census and there was no Amelia Hebbard. Hebbard, Amelia (I234)
145 I searched the parish registers of St. Erth and Phillack 1830-1864 for children of John and Emily Rowe This John is the only one I found.

I searched the Phillack parish burial register from 1900-1929. No John Rowe
I searched the St. Erth parish burial register from 1900-1920. No John Rowe

I did a search for John in 1871 and could not find him in Cornwall at all. His wife and children are there.

There is not a John or Phillipa Rowe in Ishpeming in 1910. 
Rowe, John (I213)
146 I sent for a birth certificate October 2010, but it's not the correct one.
Name: Harriet Edward Richards
Vol. 9
pg. 235
I don't know if her name is Mary Ann or Harriet!
This is a possibility:
Name: Mary Ann Richards
Year of Registration: 1845
Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec
District: Redruth (To 1974)
County: Cornwall
Volume: 9
Page: 228 
Richards, Mary Ann Harriet (I38)
147 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Carter, Sarah Anne Marie (I637)
148 info found online at Film #2342512 Digital GS #4208628 Image #35 Reference # item 3 p 212 rn 181 Vicary, Susan (I436)
149 Info from Breage parish register searched by Janice R. Johanson. Martin, Charity (I223)
150 info from family Pearce, Bessie (I518)

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