Illogan, Cornwall, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cock, George  1875Illogan, Cornwall, England I1139
2 Cock, Thomas Pearce  1862Illogan, Cornwall, England I1065
3 Cock, William Ernest  1886Illogan, Cornwall, England I1121
4 Jeffery, Eliza  1822Illogan, Cornwall, England I202
5 Jeffery, William  1845Illogan, Cornwall, England I1067
6 Kent, Celia Alberta  1892Illogan, Cornwall, England I1146
7 Merret, Samuel James  Jun 1865Illogan, Cornwall, England I1227
8 Nettle, Sarah Jane  1870Illogan, Cornwall, England I1063
9 Retallack, James  1866Illogan, Cornwall, England I1217
10 Retallack, Samuel  1863Illogan, Cornwall, England I1216
11 Richards, Ann  1832Illogan, Cornwall, England I250
12 Richards, Edward  1854Illogan, Cornwall, England I205
13 Richards, Eliza  1852Illogan, Cornwall, England I1185
14 Richards, Jane  1829Illogan, Cornwall, England I249
15 Richards, Jane  1847Illogan, Cornwall, England I206
16 Richards, Johnson  1850Illogan, Cornwall, England I204
17 Richards, Joseph  1839Illogan, Cornwall, England I251
18 Richards, Mary Ann  1857Illogan, Cornwall, England I1066
19 Richards, Mary Ann Harriet  1845Illogan, Cornwall, England I38
20 Richards, Thomas  1818Illogan, Cornwall, England I201
21 Richards, Thomas  1848Illogan, Cornwall, England I203
22 Richards, William  1842Illogan, Cornwall, England I1119
23 Rowe, Eliza  1831Illogan, Cornwall, England I69
24 Rowe, Elizabeth  1833Illogan, Cornwall, England I112
25 Rowe, James  1840Illogan, Cornwall, England I76
26 Rowe, Jane  1832Illogan, Cornwall, England I105
27 Stoneman, Anna Matilda  1871Illogan, Cornwall, England I273
28 Stoneman, Beatrice Frances  4 May 1885Illogan, Cornwall, England I421
29 Stoneman, Catherine  1864Illogan, Cornwall, England I127
30 Stoneman, Edith Alberta  1886Illogan, Cornwall, England I422
31 Stoneman, Eliza Ann  1872Illogan, Cornwall, England I129
32 Stoneman, Eliza Jane  Nov 1841Illogan, Cornwall, England I188
33 Stoneman, Elizabeth A.  1859Illogan, Cornwall, England I193
34 Stoneman, Elizabeth Mary  1879Illogan, Cornwall, England I132
35 Stoneman, John  1877Illogan, Cornwall, England I131
36 Stoneman, Louisa  1881Illogan, Cornwall, England I420
37 Stoneman, Millicent  1888Illogan, Cornwall, England I423
38 Stoneman, Nicholas Houghton  15 Aug 1811Illogan, Cornwall, England I184
39 Stoneman, Sarah Jane  13 Nov 1839Illogan, Cornwall, England I187
40 Stoneman, Sarah Jane  6 Oct 1866Illogan, Cornwall, England I128
41 Stoneman, Thomas Nicholas  1874Illogan, Cornwall, England I130


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Jeffery, George  26 Jul 1795Illogan, Cornwall, England I252
2 Rowe, John  18 Jan 1837Illogan, Cornwall, England I310
3 Stoneman, Christian  21 Oct 1824Illogan, Cornwall, England I198
4 Stoneman, Elizabeth  7 Mar 1825Illogan, Cornwall, England I197
5 Stoneman, John  29 Oct 1819Illogan, Cornwall, England I64
6 Stoneman, John  12 Feb 1829Illogan, Cornwall, England I199
7 Stoneman, Mary Ann  7 Dec 1816Illogan, Cornwall, England I196
8 Stoneman, Nicholas Houghton  14 Sep 1811Illogan, Cornwall, England I184
9 Stoneman, Richard  19 Jan 1834Illogan, Cornwall, England I200
10 Stoneman, Sollomon  22 Mar 1772Illogan, Cornwall, England I297
11 Stoneman, Soloman  6 Nov 1813Illogan, Cornwall, England I195


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rowe, John  5 Oct 1843Illogan, Cornwall, England I298
2 Stoneman, John  3 Dec 1840Illogan, Cornwall, England I194
3 Stoneman, Nicholas Houghton  1858Illogan, Cornwall, England I184


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ivey / Stoneman  26 Jan 1837Illogan, Cornwall, England F135
2 Morrish / Stoneman  23 Sep 1843Illogan, Cornwall, England F71
3 Richards / Crothers  15 May 1819Illogan, Cornwall, England F72
4 Richards / Jeffery  25 Jun 1842Illogan, Cornwall, England F57
5 Rowe / Dunstone  8 Apr 1830Illogan, Cornwall, England F87
6 Stoneman / Cuney  27 Dec 1834Illogan, Cornwall, England F70
7 Stoneman / Haughton  22 Oct 1810Illogan, Cornwall, England F34
8 Stoneman / Luke  21 Oct 1771Illogan, Cornwall, England F69
9 Stoneman / Richards  19 Oct 1863Illogan, Cornwall, England F16