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Waters, Harvey (I109)
1861 Census of St. Erth she is 37 yrs. old and unmarried. Still living with brother Samuel. 
Williams, Mary (I414)
1861 Census of St. Erth, age 16 living with brother Samuel. 
Williams, Henry (I496)
1871 Census - couldn't find him.

Marriages Mar 1861 (>99%)
Truran Samuel Truro 5c 252
There were no others listed on the page. 
Truran, Samuel (I179)
Documents at County REcord Office, Truro, DDP 27/1/13 Searched by Janice R. Johanson
Jeffery, Eliza (I202)
Military Service - copy in my possession
Army Air Corps Service number - 36464226
He served in World War ll as an aircraft mechanic (B-29) South Pacific.

Williams, Jack David (I10)
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Williams, Pamela Jean (I527)
She is 67 years old in the 1881 Census. 
Ladner, Mary (I208)
9  Richards, Mary Ann Harriet (I38)
10 date and place are on family tree Richards, James Bennett (I558)
11 10 years old in 1841 census of St. Erth Glasson, Elizabeth (I502)
12 15 yrs. old in 1841 Glasson, Robert (I501)
13 18 yrs. old in 1841
26 yrs. old in 1851 - md. to John Williams
found a burial for 29 year old Jane Williams in parish register of St. Erth on 5 Jun 1852. Don't know if it's the right Jane. 
Glasson, Jane (I497)
14 1841 Census - found him listed in the index, but when I looked at the original, he wasn't there. Rodda, William (I168)
15 1841 census he is a servant in the Roskruge home. Address Pengarrack
Camborne parish register burial, age 75; address, Dolcoath Road
1851 census - no Zebulon Pearce 
Pearce, Zebulon Saunders (I151)
16 1841 Census he is listed with his Grandmother Margary Saunders and uncle Peter Saunders. Address: Porthollow Pearce, Thomas (I150)
17 1841 Census of St. Keverne he is a servant in the Roskruge home. Address Pengarrack Pearce, Samuel (I33)
18 1841 Census of St. Keverne he is living with his mother. Address: Porthollow
St. Kevern burial par. reg. age, 7l address, Tregaminion
There is a marriage in the St. Keverne parish register for a Peter Saunders and Sally Ann Champion in 1840. His father is Lebaton Saunders. 
Saunders, Peter (I160)
19 1851 Census - not there Stoneman, Soloman (I195)
20 1851 Census - not with his family. Truran, William (I183)
21 1851 Census of St. Erth he is a servant unmd. age 16 in the household of Pau Burrell. Isabella Hebbard is also a servant. Residence: Barton of Gurlyn Williams, Thomas (I24)
22 1861 Census - didn't find him or his family. Jeffery, George (I252)
23 1861 Census - not a Richard born in St. Erth. there is one b. in Crowan with a wife named Ann. Williams, Richard (I416)
24 1861 Census - not one that looks like it could be him. Jeffery, Robert (I258)
25 1861 Census his wife is a widow.
death index - too many Thomas Richards to know which one. 
Richards, Thomas (I201)
26 1861 Census of Beerferris: Richard, age 49 Jane, age 48 and Sarah, age 17 Peardon, Richard (I144)
27 1861 Census of Phillack - 61 years old. head of household, born in Gwinear.
Searched the Online Parish Clerk site for parents of Mary Reed. A couple possibilities. Searched St. Erth and Gwinear. Also searched for christening for her. 
Reed, Mary (I667)
28 1861 Census says he is blind.
Hebbard, William (I231)
29 1871 Census - cannot find the family on, but I did find them in the free online census
1901 Census - not there 
Stoneman, Nicholas Houghton (I37)
30 1871 Census - I found a family of Hendra children living with their aunt and uncle, but I don't think it is this family, even though the children's names are so very similar. The birth year's are not close enough. Hendra, Ralph (I308)
31 1871 Census - not with family.
No death in BMD index 1860 - 1871 
Hore, Kate (I1115)
32 1871 Census - not with family. Hore, Bethsheba (I1110)
33 1871 Census - there is an Elizabeth Hendra as a servant living with a Christopher family. There is no way to tell if it is our Elizabeth. Hendra, Elizabeth (I309)
34 1871 Census of Gwinear he is unmd. age 33 living with his widowed mother. He is a miner.
1881 Census - could not find him. 
Hendra, Thomas (I265)
35 1880 Census - Emma J. Martin, wife, md., age 29, b. in England
She is the sister-in-law to our Margaret Jane Martin.

Searched the 1841 Census. Did not find her. 
Richards, Emma Jane (I221)
36 1880 Census of Ishpeming - He has a cousin Alferd, age 20, Hebbard living with him. Martin, George (I215)
37 1881 and 1891 Census - not there. Stoneman, Frances (I190)
38 1881 Census - didn't find a good match
1891 Census - didn't find a good match 
Williams, Edwin (I1061)
39 1881 Census. Maria (I342)
40 1881 Census. Truran, Elizth. J.S. (I343)
41 1881 Census. Truran, Ruben (I344)
42 1881 Census. Truran, Timothy (I345)
43 1881 Census. Truran, Maria (I346)
44 1881 Census. Truran, Jessie (I347)
45 1891 Census - could not find him Chipan, Alfred (I1051)
46 1891 Census - could not find him. Chipan, Richard (I1052)
47 1891 Census - no conclusive matches Williams, William (I123)
48 1891 Census - Phillack:
11,Roseworthy,1,Susan E. Mitchell,Head,M,,46,,,Phillack Cornwall,, ,,,
Annie M. Mitchell,Dau,S,,27,Charwoman,Employed,Camborne Cornwall,, ,,,
Hannibal J. Mitchell,Son,S,19,,Tin Streamer,Employed,Camborne Cornwall,, ,,,
William J. Mitchell,Son,S,17,,Tin Miner,Employed,Camborne Cornwall,, ,,,
Edwin Mitchell,Son,,10,,Scholar,,Camborne Cornwall,, ,,,
Susan J. Mitchell,Dau,,,8,Scholar,,Camborne Cornwall,, ,,,
Thomas Mitchell,Son,,4,,Scholar,,Camborne Cornwall,, ,,,
Richard N. Mitchell,Son,,3,,,,Gwithian Cornwall,, ,,
Emily Rowe,Mother,W,,76,Bed Ridden,,Not Given Unknown,, 
Tyrack, Emily (I488)
49 1900 Census - couldn't find him
1880 and 1881 - couldn't find him
information from family is he died by freezing in a blizzard 
Pearce, Peter (I155)
50 1900 Census - John Rowe, came to the U.S. in 1885, b. in Apr 1866 in England. Wife is Susan.
Address: 319 Vine Street, Ishpeming, Michigan - Michigan marriages John Henry Rowe and Susan Vicary Boose. Says father is John Rowe and mother is Catherine Skinner. Susan's father is Walter Vicary, mother unknown. 
Rowe, John Henry (I409)

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