Redruth, Cornwall, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cock, Beatrice P.  1880Redruth, Cornwall, England I1140
2 Cole, Beatrice Ann  1886Redruth, Cornwall, England I1152
3 Cole, Frederick John  1882Redruth, Cornwall, England I1151
4 Jeffery, George  1795Redruth, Cornwall, England I252
5 Shepherd, William  Redruth, Cornwall, England I340
6 Stoneman, Hannah  1853Redruth, Cornwall, England I191
7 Stoneman, John  1856Redruth, Cornwall, England I192
8 Stoneman, Louisa Christian  Feb 1844Redruth, Cornwall, England I189
9 Stoneman, Nicholas Houghton  15 Aug 1846Redruth, Cornwall, England I37
10 Thomas, Emily Jane  19 Apr 1861Redruth, Cornwall, England I354
11 Williams, Richard Harold  Mar 1881Redruth, Cornwall, England I371
12 Williams, William John  21 Dec 1877Redruth, Cornwall, England I379


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Vivian, Ann  11 Dec 1796Redruth, Cornwall, England I253


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cock, Thomas Pearce  1889Redruth, Cornwall, England I1065
2 Hendra, Mary Jane  Sep 1907Redruth, Cornwall, England I28
3 Hendra, Thomas  1866Redruth, Cornwall, England I317
4 Jeffery, George  1879Redruth, Cornwall, England I252
5 Ladner, Mary  1887Redruth, Cornwall, England I208
6 Merret, Beatrice Frances  Jan 1882Redruth, Cornwall, England I1229
7 Pattridge, Sarah  1888Redruth, Cornwall, England I185
8 Skinner, Catherine  Mar 1872Redruth, Cornwall, England I434
9 Stoneman, Catherine  1893Redruth, Cornwall, England I127
10 Stoneman, Nicholas Houghton  1893Redruth, Cornwall, England I37
11 Truran, Catherine  1955Redruth, Cornwall, England I1106
12 Truran, Matilda  1943Redruth, Cornwall, England I1107
13 Truran, William  1869Redruth, Cornwall, England I1105
14 Vivian, Ann  1881Redruth, Cornwall, England I253
15 Williams, Thomas  Jun 1875Redruth, Cornwall, England I24


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Stoneman  1901Redruth, Cornwall, England F384
2 Carlyon / Stoneman  1890Redruth, Cornwall, England F367
3 Cock / Stoneman  1885Redruth, Cornwall, England F365
4 Hampton / Stoneman   F410
5 Jeffery / Tippet  1842Redruth, Cornwall, England F366
6 Kent / Stoneman  1890Redruth, Cornwall, England F382
7 Merret / Stoneman   F409
8 Mitchell / Rowe  Dec 1878Redruth, Cornwall, England F206
9 Nettle / Stoneman  5 Feb 1870Redruth, Cornwall, England F67
10 Pascoe / Stoneman  1893Redruth, Cornwall, England F383
11 Retallack / Jeffery  Jun 1861Redruth, Cornwall, England F406
12 Rowe / Reynolds  1872Redruth, Cornwall, England F116
13 Rowe / Skinner  8 Nov 1859Redruth, Cornwall, England F91
14 Williams / Thomas  Jun 1880Redruth, Cornwall, England F98